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WHY did we create the community?

During ten years working with newly qualified Chief Resident dermatologists in the Chief Academy program, and listening to feedback from program graduates and many practicing dermatologists, it is obvious that there is a real need for continuing business education. Consequently, the Chief Academy program faculty has partnered with Traction Business Development – Tracbiz – a boutique business management and leadership training company based in Arizona, to deliver that vision of continuing business education to our dermatology community.  We selected Tracbiz as our partner because of their deep understanding of healthcare, and dermatology in particular, together with their extensive track record of success with business expansion and leadership development programs in the healthcare space.  Please visit to learn more.

Working together, we have launched the Dermatology Business Community hosted on Dermatology Business Accelerator - DBA - and as with the Chief Academy, the DBA will have content and benefits for dermatologists in private practice, those working in multi-specialty practices and also hospital and university based specialists.  In all cases, we physicians are seen by our clinical and administrative staff as their leaders, and our primary goal in the DBA is to focus on developing the business acumen and leadership skills that we all need to succeed.  For smaller practices we also offer a full suite of partnered business functions that would normally only be affordable to the very largest practices.  A great example – the ways that we can support you in working with your staff to enhance your business and improve the patient experience to build patient loyalty and increase business results.  Imagine the peace of mind in knowing that your people leadership and management practices and policies are sound and that your business is not vulnerable.

Upcoming Meetings

Derm Accelerator meetings and workshops are a great way to learn how to optimize your practice, network with other dermatology practice professionals, and learn skills.

Sedona is internationally recognized for the captivating splendor of its red rock vistas.  In this enchanting and inspirational venue  we'll hold the first annual meeting JUNE 8-11, 2017.

See the meetings tab for a program and travel details.  Sessions on leadership, brand equity, recruiting, finance, delegating and more will be lead by experienced physicians and business leaders.  You can save $500 on registration when your practice administrator attends with you.

Leadership Development

The DBA Leadership Development Program is built around the critical cornerstone of  ‘customer experience' and recognizing the compelling link between engaged leadership and engaged staff leading to an outstanding patient experience and better clinical outcomes. This program gives you the tools and experience to engage your staff, drive patient retention, increase referrals and grow your bottom line!

Among the topics included in the program are:

·   Situational leadership styles 

·   Communication skills

·   Emotional intelligence

·   Staff engagement and patient experience. 

·   Self-awareness 

·   Effective use of body language

·   Deliberately managing your personal brand

·   Interviewing and recruiting the right people

·   Communication skills
·   Persuasive PowerPoint presentation skills

·   Active listening and empathizing

·   Handling difficult staff situations
·   Managing, engaging or removing detractors

·   Handling difficult customer situations

·   Patient engagement and service recovery

·   Time management, delegation

·   Setting high expectations  
·   Recognition programs 

·   Motivation and coaching 
·   Developing your own ‘staff cycle’
·   Imposter syndrome and the glass ceiling

·   The power of enthusiasm
·   Relishing your leadership job!

·   Utilizing improvement plans 
·   Disciplinary processes

·   Becoming a ‘beacon of quality’ 

·   Leading successfully in the matrix

These topics will be addressed in 45 minute webinars broadcast monthly exclusively for DBA member practices.  These webinars will be recorded for repeat access by members.  


Additional options available at extra cost exclusively to DBA members include:

·      One day, on-site leadership workshops at
            your own practice location

·      Personalized, tailored workshop series –
            typically half day sessions over 6 or 12
·      One-on-one scheduled repeat telephone
            mentoring for individual physicians or
            administrators to address staff issues
            and leadership challenges

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