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Best, Better, Different

Can you truly say your practice is the BEST in your marketplace? If so, consider answering your phone “Best dermatology practice in (your city), how may I help you?” If you shudder at this suggestion, then perhaps there is no best and you share qualities of excellence with others. If so, is there some one thing at which you are clearly recognized as BETTER? Range of treatments available or flexibility of appointment hours for instance. Make sure you tout these distinctions and that your staff understands your competitive advantages. If you phone patients to remind them of their appointment, add a comment or two about what makes you better.

If all practices in the area are perceived as equivalent, what can you promote as a DIFFERENCE? Multi-lingual staff, for instance, or special appointment times for adolescent patients. Perhaps you offer soothing music in treatment rooms. Mention these differentiators in print or verbally when you speak with patients or referring physicians.

DBA’s experts can help you market your practice in memorable ways.

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