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Human Resources (HR) Services

We are first and foremost physicians because our vocation is to provide clinical care for, and improve the lives of our patients.  Of course, we want to run a successful 'business' - but our first thought is always for our patients and their best clinical outcome.


But that is no longer enough.  Social media and the reimbursement environment are both driving us to think more and more about the patient experience.  Business research tells a compelling story that the patient experience is impacted to a massive extent by having engaged staff who are as committed to our patients as we are.  Building a team of engaged staff - starting from the first telephone interaction and running throughout the continuum of care - requires leadership skills on our part and a solid, dependable structure of staff management processes and procedures.


Explore how the dermatology business accelerator staff solution - an integrated package of specialist human resource services - can help you build a great practice culture that nurtures your staff and delivers a truly outstanding patient experience.

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